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Apex Management Group, based in Miami, Florida, is a full-service management team
specializing in building long lasting careers for artists in the music industry.

We believe in a hands-on approach, and consider each one of our artists part of the APEX family.


Jared Blashinsky

Jared received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami. During his time in miami, electronic music had just begun making the transition into mainstream culture in North America. jared witnessed it’s growth firsthand during his time in Miami while hosting, promoting, and managing top tier nightclubs and bars in Miami. Jared’s primary areas of focus are client logistics, finances, tour routing, marketing & management, and agency relations.


Cyrus Abassi

Cyrus received his undergraduate degree from Emory University and his JD from Georgetown Law. Cyrus’s musical tastes encompass the entire electronic spectrum, but he prefers UK Garage and deep house. Cyrus’s primary areas of focus are synch licensing, deal negotiation, & regulatory compliance.